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Here at Premier Glass Projects, we are dedicated to providing our customers with nothing but the best in customer service, expert advice and precise installations. We've honed in on our glass knowledge over the years and feel confident we can offer each and everyone one of our customers a tried and tested quality product.

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We are based in Fareham, Hampshire and cover all surrounding areas in the County. Start your next glass project today and get in touch for a free, no obligation quotation. 

With the bespoke nature of most of our glass products, we can work around your needs and design to your specifications. From a full survey and installation, to supply only, we really have got all basis covered. 

We know the options are endless, and that glass possibilities seem to evolve every day but we are here to guide you through your project, every step of the way.

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Warmer Roofs

A growing amount of homeowners are turning to the Warmer Roof solution to make better use of their conservatories but what is Warm Roof? Ultimately, the Warm Roof was designed to ensure your conservatories, lean to's and sun rooms are useable all year round. The Warm Roof design was conceived through the use of a pre-fabricated module pod system to speed up installation times and minimise disruption to your home and garden, add value to your property and with the use of premium, high quality materials, create a more thermally and energy efficient solution to the previous UPVC structure. 

It's all in the detail

The Warmer Roof solution has been designed to maximise thermal efficiency of your sun room and conservatories by combining a number of expertly designed features, quality materials and bespoke structures to ensure your room is usable all year round. All structural and building regulations are met with the innovative Warmer roof solution, so you can sit back and relax knowing your roof has been future proofed and not only meets but exceeds todays building regulation requirements. 

Bifold and Sliding Doors

At Premier Glass Projects Ltd, we offer a range of stunning sliding and bifold doors that provide an excellent, thermally efficient solution to your living space. Our doors come with high specification safety features and unique designs, ensuring both style and security for your home or business.

Available in various colours and configurations, our bifold and sliding doors are designed to perfectly match any project or property size. Whether you need a sliding or bifold door, our products are known for their exceptional reliability, performance, and design quality, ensuring an exquisite finish each time.


Our range of high-quality glass products allows you to enhance your living space by seamlessly connecting your indoor and outdoor areas. With our products, you can open up wide expanses of your external walls to your outside space, providing a sense of openness and versatility. Our glass solutions also help keep the weather out and the heat in, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round.

Window Glass and Double Glazed Units

We understand the importance of replacing your existing windows with designs that exceed your expectations. Our products are crafted to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of your space while enhancing energy efficiency and security measures. Trust us to provide top-quality glass solutions that elevate the look and functionality of your home or business effortlessly.

We recognize the importance of windows in transforming a space. Windows are important element of a building, giving personality and identity to a home. They serve as a gateway to the outdoors, allowing natural light and fresh air to fill the space, creating a welcoming and bright atmosphere. Explore our range of high-quality glass products to enhance your living environment today.


Balconies and Balustrades

Glass balustrades can provide additional light for internal areas, as well as adding the illusion of space - Ideal for both small and large hallways. It's not just internal glass balustrades we offer though; external glass balustrades are a very popular choice for many residential and commercial buildings, and  At Premier Glass Projects Ltd, we offer a wide range of high-quality glass balustrades to enhance the look and feel of your property.

With a focus on various component fixings and glass specifications, we understand the intricacies involved in the tricky business of glass balustrades and balconies. Our expertise ensures top-quality products that are not only visually appealing but also meet the necessary safety standards for your space. 


Composite and Glass Doors

When it comes to enhancing your home's entrance, choosing the right products is crucial. At Premier Glass Projects Ltd, we understand that your entrance should be strong, secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Our wide range of glass products provides the perfect solution to elevate your home's curb appeal while ensuring high-quality and durability.

We pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of glass doors alongside our composite doors for both commercial and domestic applications. Whether you are looking for frameless, framed, double-glazed, sliding, or fire-rated doors, we have you covered. Enhance your space with our high-quality glass products that are both stylish and functional.


We've teamed up with our suppliers at Glass Inspirations to offer a made to measure range of internal glass products. From glass splashbacks, antique mirrors and bespoke glass shower screens and doors, we've covered all aspects of external and internal glass with the services we offer. As our suppliers say, Be inspired by glass! 

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Glass Splashbacks

Painted Splashbacks

Mirrored Splashbacks

Discover the vast selection of splashback choices tailored to meet every individual’s taste - Whether you prefer classic or modern styles, bold and creative, rest assured there's an option that aligns perfectly with your preferences.

If you're looking to enhance your space with style and sophistication, consider one of our exquisite mirror splashbacks.

Mirror splashbacks are rising in popularity for their ability to enlarge a room and elevate its ambiance. We provide a wide range of antique finishes and tinted mirrors to suit your unique taste and aesthetic preferences.

Digital Print Splashbacks

Transform your kitchen with a digitally printed glass splashback. Enhance your space with a unique touch by choosing from an endless range of images, allowing you to fully personalize and reflect your style within your kitchen. Add depth and detail to your kitchen that showcases your individual interior flare with our bespoke digitally printed glass splashbacks.

 Painted glass splashbacks offer an extensive range of colors from the bold to the subtle. These splashbacks not only add a touch of sophistication and refinement to any kitchen but also provide a highly practical and easy-to-maintain solution. Upgrade your kitchen with our elegant painted glass splashbacks, with or without sparkle, that are both visually appealing and functional.

Colour Reflect Splashbacks

Reflect light into your kitchen with an added twist of colour. Create a colourful and classy ambiance that will leave your friends and family in awe. The colour reflect range offers endless color options that sparkle with important reflective properties, making your kitchen shine bright and look stunning.


Glass Shower Doors and Screens

Explore our bespoke shower screens and doors tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you prefer hinged doors or sliding options, our products can seamlessly fit into any space, accommodating angled ceilings and even the tightest spots. We provide all the necessary hardware and fixings in a variety of styles and finishes to enhance the look of your bathroom.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of products beyond just shower screens and doors. We also provide made-to-measure bath screens to enhance the look and functionality of your space. Our bath screens are customizable to fit your specifications and are available in various styles to suit your preferences.


Made to Measure Mirrors

From home gyms to bar displays, discover a world of elegant mirrors, designed to elevate every corner of your home. Our mirrors are meticulously crafted to fit any space with a range of tints and finishes. Add a personal touch with custom sandblasted designs, wording and borders for a unique and sophisticated look that will truly enhance the aesthetic of your room.


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